MNFA Logo by Maui High School 2022 Senior Logan Tsukiyama

Maui High School 2022 Senior Logan Tsukiyama was selected as the winner of the Maui Nui Food Alliance 2021 Youth Logo Competition.

Her design references the past, present and future of food production in Maui County. In her own words, Logan describes the inspiration of her design as stemming from “the Maui Nui Food Alliance's mission to foster a healthy and sustainable community. To begin, the kalo leaf or kalo plant itself symbolizes many things in Hawaiian culture like unity and a diverse community from one shared foundation. It is also a staple crop of the Hawaiians and honors the origins of sustainable farming in Hawaii. I wanted to include it because I believe that everything it represents is also representative of the values of the Maui Nui Food Alliance. I felt that the colors portrayed the essence of Hawaii's greenery and richness of the land and people. Lastly, the crop hills were representative of the mission to promote a sustainable and healthy food system.”

Mahalo nui Logan for your great design!