Food Security Survey

If you completed the Food Security Survey and did not get the chance to complete the separate sign-up for your $20 gift of local food, please email

If you are having trouble accessing the link above, please find the link to the survey here: 

The Maui Nui Food Alliance Food Security Survey is a 15-minute survey for Maui County residents who have experienced food insecurity* within the last 12 months. 

The first 350 qualified participants to fully complete the survey and provide us their information will receive a $20 gift of local food, in exchange for your time and shared knowledge. Please follow the separate link at the end of the survey to sign up to receive your gift. Questions? Please email

*What is Food Insecurity? 

Food insecurity is when you or your household either runs out of food or money to buy food each month or is worried about running out of food or money to buy food each month.

How Does Taking this Survey Help?
Our intention is to use information gathered through this survey to inform resource providers and various agencies in Maui County and in Hawaiʻi as to the needs of those experiencing food insecurity.

How Will Answers Be Shared?
We plan to share the data in ways that will protect your privacy, for example information will be grouped, summarized, and quotes will be anonymous. We will not share your name or any other information that could identify you.

Share the Survey!
You can also share the survey link,, with friends and family you may know who experience food insecurity.

Interested in Survey Outreach?
If you or your agency is interested in helping with survey outreach we have a number of ways you can help! You can distribute flyers through your agency, local food pantry, clinic, or event. You can collaborate with our team and become a site for in-person survey outreach. If interested or have ideas, please contact

Questions? Email Lauren at