Maui Nui Food Alliance

Community Talk Story Sessions for the Maui County Food and Nutrition Security Plan 

Join us in person at the following Community Talk Story Sessions to share your mana'o for the future of our food systems:​

Community Talk Story Sessions:

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It is with broken hearts that we face the aftermath of the 2023 Maui fires, and the devastating loss of lives, homes, and livelihoods. Maui needs our collective help, now more than ever. Please encourage everyone you know to donate, as our community greatly needs support.

Farmers and ranchers, if you have been impacted by fire and wind, please complete the Maui Producer Impact & Support Survey. Please find details below.

In partnership with Hawaiʻi Farmers Union United (HFUU), the Maui County Department of Agriculture, and the Farm Bureau, we encourage all food producers impacted by fire, severe winds, and loss of markets due to the 2023 Maui fire and disaster to complete the Maui Producer Impact & Support Survey. This survey will help us identify potential federal and private funding resources and provide direct support specific to your needs to aid in recovery.

This survey will take 5-10 minutes to complete. Please share this survey with all impacted food producers you know. Find the link to the survey here:

Questions? Contact Hunter Heaivilin, HFUU Advocacy Director: (808) 391-8687 or To complete the survey via phone, please contact Amanda Shaw, Oʻahu Agriculture and Conservation Association: (808) 429-5310.

Note to producers: This survey is for all impacted producers, whether or not you are an HFUU member. We will be in contact with you within a week, once you complete the survey. As soon as it is safe to do so, please document and take clear photos of any damage.



Maui Nui Food Alliance

The Maui Nui Food Alliance is a cross-sector collaborative dedicated to a resilient and healthy food future for the islands of Maui Nui – Maui, Molokai, and Lānaʻi.

The Maui Nui Food Alliance works to find a collective way forward for Maui Nui’s food systems that are culturally grounded, ethically guided and connected to place. 

Maui Nui Food Alliance Strategic Priorities

Promote a culture of health. 

We work to ensure Maui Nui residents have access to local food options and opportunities to build habits that contribute to their health and the health of our islands.

Plan for our food future. 

We gather information, data, analyses, and input to ensure Maui County has plans in place for actions to grow our local food production and consumption.

Advocate for impact. 

We band together to amplify our voice and influence policies and structures that support a strong and healthy local food system.

Our Mission, Vision, and Values


The Maui Nui Food Alliance brings together diverse community and interests from Maui, Molokai, and Lānaʻi to support and promote a healthy food system for our future, while honoring the Native Hawaiian traditions of Maui Nui's past. 


The Maui Nui Food Alliance envisions an expanding local food system that nourishes and sustains the people of Maui Nui while fostering human, environmental and economic health. 


Collaboration. Our alliance works together in respectful and pono ways as we lift up community voice and invite open participation. 

Stewardship. We are caretakers of the land and each other, committed to ensuring our future food supply sustains the well-being of the land and people.

Hope. We believe in the power of community working towards lasting change. We know we can build a productive food future for the current and future generations of Maui Nui. 


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